Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Vintage x Studs

| Martin Emmanuel Vintage Polo Shirt | Topman Skinny Chinos | Topman Tiger Socks | Boots from Dubai |

Nothing beats vintage. I said this because I'm a total fan vintage items and the style itself. It made a big impact to me ever since I started posting looks on Lookbook. There were a lot of people who posted cool and rad vintage clothing that will make your eyes pop out. Trust me, LOL!

I wore this outfit last Bloggers United 4 event at World Trade Center where I met the bloggers that I idolize. I really had an amazing time there. Each second spent within the venue was totally worth it. It was almost paradise to me.

This is what I wore on that event. I looked for something vintage in my wardrobe, unfortunately, I don't have any clothes that is considered vintage. Thanks to my Tito, he gave me his prized possession which is the Martin Emmanuel Polo shirt which he were during his college days around 1970's. I added some silver studs on the collar so that it'll become edgy. Partnered it with my Skinny Chinos and Tiger socks and boots.

What are your thoughts about my look? :)

Photos by Erika NaƱes

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    1. Thank you so much Blizy! Btw, you have a blog. So I can follow you. Thank you for featuring my blog on your circle!!! :)


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