Thursday, April 4, 2013


| Topman Plaid Long-Sleeves | Topman Chino Shorts | Topman Plimsolls | Topman Straw Fedora Hat | Topman Aztec Bracelet | Spike Ring bought from Gelo Arucan |

Ever since I started blogging, I became attached to wearing easy looks. Wearing them makes me feel so comfortable. This kind of look is very ideal if you're going to malls, parks and the likes. Let's not forget that wearing easy looks must also stay fashionable and unique.

Let's now proceed to my look. Since I'm aiming for an easy look, this is what I had in mind. First, I wore my over-sized plaid long sleeves. I love how the colors of the plaids, it has mixture of blue and white. I combined it with a pair of carrot chino shorts. The pair of shorts is very comfortable because it is somewhat drop crotch.  I also wore my favorite pair of casual plimsolls. Lastly, I incorporated a straw fedora hat and spike ring to make it more stylish.

What can you say about this look? Feel free to comment your ideas. I would gladly appreciate them.

Photos by Gem

Share some hypes if you love this look. :)

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