Monday, April 15, 2013

Keep My Cool

| Topman Gray Acid Wash Button-Down, Skinny Jeans, Tiger Socks | Vans Lo Pro Era | Folded and Hung Vintage Sunglasses | Flying Dutchman Rucksack |

Who wouldn't go crazy over acid washed clothes? They are so stylish and very grungy too. Acid washing is the process of treating a garment in a bleach solution, thus giving the garment a faded appearance. It became popular during 1980's. Again, I'm so lucky to have this magnificent shirt from Topman. I mean the shirt is just so irresistible.

With that said, let's now proceed to my look. Obviously, I wore my first acid-washed button-down and blue skinny jeans. I also paired it with my tiger socks and with my red Lo Pro Era. To make the outfit cooler, I opt to wear my vintage sunglasses which was a gift from my sister and of course my first-ever Rucksack that I bought from Flying Dutchman. This rucksack is very affordable and very stylish as well. I felt love the moment I saw this. If you are interested, go on and check out their page, Flying Dutchman. Be amazed!

Photos by Gem

Share some hypes if you love this look. :)


  1. heiiii...suka tas sama jamnya classic banget!:))
    terimakasih untuk comment kamu diblog aku ya, lain waktu kalau jalan2 lagi keblog aku, aku tunggu followbacknya yaaa,hehee:))

    1. Thank you but I can't still understand what you're saying :)

    2. oh my gosh!!:(
      Im so sorry, I am very very sorry!!!:(
      I think you are the people of Indonesia, So i tried to speak to you with Indonesian language...
      The point that i say many thanks to comment you at home page my blog, and if a when you have free time maybe you could follow back my blog...
      Hopefully we can share though we are different languages...
      Although my blog in indonesia but i do hope you ' re still get the point of the photos in any posting on my blog...
      Once again I apologize for making you not understand what I say...
      I have also asked sorry if my english still sound strange, because i still under study...
      And last me just say "do not forget follow back to my blog", heheeee:))

    3. It is okay. :)) I appreciate that you try your best to speak in English even tho you're not really used to speaking the language. It's fine with me. Already followed you because you have an interesting blog :)

    4. wuhuuuu...thank you very much!:))

  2. Love the red color !!!!! your denim shirt looks so cool, and that red shoes from Vans totally superbbbb cool.

    1. Thank you Tara! This comment is much appreciated :)

  3. Love the red color so much in your backpack and the shoes. Nice outfit from head to toe ! :)

  4. Yea nice denim looks with red touch on it, I like ur top n sunglasses anyway ;)

  5. You looks cool! Nice denim looks with a red touch. I love your top n sunglasses anw ;)


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