Saturday, April 6, 2013

I Could Be The One

| Topman Polo Shirt | Topman Skinny Chinos | Topman Plimsolls | Topman Straw Fedora Hat | Topman Aztec Bracelet | Diesel Vintage Watch |

Can you feel the summer heat already? I certainly feel how hot the weather is. It is somehow hard to pull off an outfit for this weather. My only solution is to pull off a casual and easy outfit just like what you see above. Since it's an easy outfit, you can move freely and prevents you from perspiring a lot.

Let me tell you about my outfit for the day. I wore a corduroy-collared polo shirt. I love the colors of this polo because it has this classic color combo which is brown and blue. Then, I combined it with my khaki chino pants to be consistent with the colors. To complete the look, I wore my classic blue plimsolls and my all-time favorite straw fedora hat.

Photos by Gem

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