Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just walkin' my dog


My beloved ragged vans :">

| Topman Aztec shirt, Dark green chinos, Wayfarers, Cubic bracelet, Aztec bracelet | Vans Zapato del barco |

New blog post again. I was too lazy to post this one and I don't know why. I've been busy lately doing school stuffs and works. They are piled up. So many projects and activities for the finals. It literally makes me crazy. But now, I have all the time that I need to post this. So, let's go on to my look.

For this look, I decided to take my dog with me. As you can see, he looks like a wolf. He's so cute and so adorable!

Obviously, I am really in love with Aztec prints. These prints make me crazy! In order to emphasize my shirt, I just combined it with a plain dark green chinos together with my ragged Vans. They all went well together.

Photos by Gem

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